How to Use the Job Posting to Write a Winning Resume

In the current economic climate, you must stand out from the many other applicants hoping to elbow you out of a new, lucrative position. Before you submit your resume, you should first apply the following resume writing tips.

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Modify your resume to the needs referenced in the posting

A job posting is an organization's attempt to tell the market that they have needs. Take a look at your resume to see if it references your skills and accomplishments relevant to those needs. While it likely does, you may need to add an addition or two to maximize it's value to the specific posting. As always, use a targeted cover letter to clarify specifically why you are the ideal candidate for the company's need.

Use the job posting as a basis for further research

Many job postings list websites with the means to research the company beforehand and learn more information than was listed in the posting itself. Name names, point to specific clients of the business, and do all you can to prove to the employer that you have done your research.

Include key terms and relevant qualifications specific to the posting in your resume

Postings usually include requirements of experience or education. Reference those items using the same terms included in the posting. This will serve as an automatic checklist for prospective employers that you understand the underlying needs of the position. By including the words "resume writing tips" here, for example, this article provides an easy reference for you. Do the same for your prospective employer.

Do not include information not requested in the posting that may disqualify you

An example would be providing a salary history. With this item, providing information up-front takes away your negotiation leverage.

Submit all required attachments listed in the posting

If the posting requests that you submit references, writing samples, proof of veteran's status, or anything else, failure to do so will make your resume an automatic failure.

If you adhere to the above resume writing tips and use the job posting listed for the available position rather than blindly submitting a generic resume, you will not only stand out but stand above the rest.

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