Code of Conduct for Freelance Developers

Like any other professional, freelance developers should have a code of conduct, honour and creed that they must live by.

Freelance developers of the more successful persuasion generally have a sense of what is good practice. Wellthey must, as their jobs and reputation are at stake. This time, let's focus less on what to do when code wise, and focus on what to do people wise, as the people (or clients) are the reason for the code.

Below, we will look through some recommendations as to what is good practice for a freelance developer.
Please note: This is not an absolute list as situations sometimes call for a change n perspective and practice. But this list should serve as a guide as to what can help to bring you to the top of your game.

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Bill accurately: Generally, per hour rates are the order of business. As a freelance developer, you are allowed to cost more than a full-time and/or permanent employee would. That being said, make sure you price yourself reasonably and fairly. Bill according to time you sent working on project related tasksnot playing League of Legends and FIFA 15.

Establish realistic expectations: Pleasedo not promise to reposition a satellite if you are only just learning to write an if statement in Python. Okmaybe this example is a bit of a stretch, but I'm sure you understand where I am coming from. Bet on the skills that you know you have. Sure, a challenge is always good, but do and master that on your own time using Github, and bet on the skills that you know you have.

Track your activity: Following up with the billing accurately, you have accurately conjured a nice bill for a pretty decent penny. Where did the money go though, the client asks. Make sure you communicate in a detailed invoice, what the breakdown of tasks is, maybe the time spent on it.

Do your best: A good job does not translate to inconveniencing yourself on the whim of an ever changing client's mind. It means, building the website with the responsive properties and the social media integration, that you said you would. If they now want a mobile app, you bill them accordingly. Just make sure that you deliver what you said you would, as best as possible.

Communicate and follow up:You order a regular old hamburger, with regular fries. Your waitress brings you a fully loaded, pickles and onions and cheese and all, burger. You tell her you did not want all of that, and she is embarrassed and has to go back to the kitchen. You and you client 'agree' on something, but you fail to follow up with each step of the development and end up overdoing or under-doing something. Catch my drift? Make sure to include the client as much as possible in the development process.

Just a few pointers for my freelance developers out there and I hope they we're insightful. If you are looking to optimize your workspace, you can check out thispost containing recommendations for how to deck out your remote office and all.

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