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I was interviewing with two amazing magazines, one of them my dream. I was in the final interview process with both of them; both at the same amazing company. That's when I got an offer from someone else. That's when a place, closer to home, with amazing online presence and editorial content told me they wanted methat my ambition and drive was a great fit for their magazine. That's when the fun and exciting journey to the Big Apple, became one of the biggest decisions I have had to make.

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This offer was a game changer. I immediately connected with the person I was emailing back and forth with. I felt that this magazine wanted to teach me. Do I keep waiting to hear from my dream magazine or accept an internship that is closer to home where I will learn more? I can tell you the exact moment this internship search stopped being fun and became scary. Not just scared-to-leave-my-home kind of scaryscary as Hell.If you asked me three years ago, six months, or even two weeks ago, I would have said that if I got an opportunity in New York City it would have been a no-brainer. I would have booked the next flight out of hot and humid Florida and into the city that never sleeps. But three years ago, I wasn't who I am now. Now, I appreciate late nights with friends, butI also like sleep.I love to visit the snow, but how could I ever leave the beach? I always cared about my friends and family, buthow could I actually leave them?My entire life, my family has been in a different state and some in a different country. I had nieces, nephews, and cousins that I had never met. Now, I have a beautiful niece here who I am building a relationship with; one that is entirely different than the only ones I have ever known. How can I leave this beautiful little girl who calls me Tia? How can I leave my oldest best friends, and my newest best friend, to go somewhere that makes seeing them that much harder and infrequent? And of all the kids that I have been babysitting since they we're babies, how could I leave the ones that are soon about to embark on middle school and kindergarten? And the ones in-between who tell me to stay here?

It was the fact that NYC became a reality, and not a dream, that made me think more clearly. All of a sudden, the 18-year-old me who was sick of a small town, annoyed by everyone, and wanted nothing more than to escape to a big city,disappeared. The 21-year-old me who is about to finish college and enter the real world freaked out. Not a little. A lotta little. Finally, something my best friend had been asking me for two years actually made me think: "How will you get groceries in New York?"Good question.I hate taking my groceries in from the car alone now, in the beautiful weather. In a car! I don't want to have to walk down to the store alone and carry them all back home and up to an apartment, or pile them into a taxi and let the meter run while I make several trips up and down. All for groceries. I'm sure I would figure it out. I'd learn and adjust to living in New York City. But right now, at this present time, I have finally figured out what's right for me.

After going through a quarter-life crisis (and buying a self help guide to help me cope), talking everyone's ear off, seeking advice from some of the best professionals I know, and finally sitting and really thinking about what to do,I have made a decision. That's actually the first time I've been able to write that sentence. I have officially accepted an internship with Boca Raton Magazine. I will get hands-on experience and learn about the inner workings of a magazine. I will be challenged beyond coffee runs and dry cleaning pickups. I will get to work with some of the best professionals in Florida and make amazing connections here,in the Sunshine State.

I struggled with this decision. I kept thinking, What will people think?" I was so dead-set on NYC for so long. Will it look like I was scared? Will it say that I'm really not as ambitious as I thoughtas others thought? Finally, I know that's not what it means at all. It means thatI've made my first, of many, life decisions. I made the smarter choice. I chose the magazine that will teach me more, that will let me participate in creating a beautiful magazine from cover to cover. It means that my values have changed and that I've changed. What was important to me when I was 18, freedom and adventure, has changed because I have both of those exactly where I am. Now, my friends and family are important and I won't have my family in NYC. I can make new friends, butI love the ones I have! My boyfriend, who says he will go wherever I choose, really does want to be close to family. How can I tear him out of that too?

I never believed the people who told me these things would matter when it came time to make decisions. I'll say it for you;you all told me so.I'm not writing New York City off forever, of course. I don't plan on having any commitments that would prevent me from leaving should I realize I do belong in NYC. For now, though, I belong here. Where my family, friends, and life truly is. I don't want to become another long distant relative or friend. I want to be completely involved and a car ride away at most. Most importantly, I want to learn about the field of magazine. That's what really pushed my final decision. I will get to work under professionals in my field who have more experience than I could ever imagine having.I am staying in Florida and that is perfectly fine.

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