5 Mistakes of Every Job Seeker

The job search strategies of many employment seekers are often just flawed enough to prolong the search and limit the likelihood of gaining good employment. Make sure your job search doesn't include any of the following common mistakes.

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Mistake #1: Vague Cover Letter

A vague, non-customized cover letter implies to employers that you aren't all that serious about their specific company. To remedy this problem, take the time to customize your letter for each employer. Read up a bit about the company, and tell them in your cover letter why you would be an asset to their particular team and how well you fit with their company's goals.

Mistake #2: Following the Rules

One of the most common mistakes in job searching is following the traditional rules regarding contacting employers. You will need to speak to the Human Resources department at your prospective job at some point, but you shouldn't apply exclusively through HR, as the people there usually have little to do with the interviewing and hiring process. Instead, contact the hiring manager directly to submit your application.

Mistake #3: Lack of Interview Preparation

Don't make the mistake of going to an interview unprepared. Interviewing without preparation may increase the likelihood of you freezing up when asked difficult questions. Take at least half an hour before each interview to compose your answers to commonly asked questions and general interview etiquette.

Mistake #4: Being Passive... Not Assertive

Many job seekers wait for prospective employers to contact them and provide feedback. Avoid making this mistake by actively following up with employers, particularly after interviewing. Send your interviewer a short thank-you card, or call a few days afterward to thank the company for seeing you.

Mistake #5: Taking the Wrong Job

Job seekers whose searches have gone on seemingly forever are so relieved at the first job offer that they often take it immediately. This effectively ends your search and gets you employment, but you may end up regretting your decision. If you accept a job that comes with a much lower salary than you we're hoping for, or a job that you aren't all that interested in to begin with, you might find yourself back on the job search in a few years. Take your time to evaluate each offer you receive before accepting, and make sure it's the right one for you.

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