We have all been there.

How many times have you been asked to join something because you we're tempted by the offer of making $10,000 a month?

When I 1st started in Network Marketing I was constantly getting side tracked by board games and funny money programmes that promised the big money. It got better. You were normally promised the big money and the need to sell anything was minimal and you we're going to get spillover from those above you and it seemed so easy and before you knew it the $300 or $400 has been paid and then reality set in.

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Oh I need to be good at recruiting to make real money. But I am new and don't know how to. Could you help please? Is anyone there? Hullo?

Then the next phone call is from the same sponsor who has a new program that is better than the last one and this will be different and if you pay your entry fee you will be looked after and you will get spillover and you will be trained and Bang there goes another $300.

If this sounds familiar don't worry. We have all been there.

From my own experiences I have tried enough of them to know that those who get in 1st do well and those who have large lists do well and when the buzz dies away after a couple of months the operators pocket a lot of cash and then pop up with another better scheme later.

For some people that is fine but for me I would prefer to build a long term business that will here in 12 months or 120 months time.

I would prefer to offer someone new the opportunity to start earning a small amount of income from home every month while training them to grow their business to the level of income they desire. If that means it takes 3 years to learn how to earn $10,000 a month then so be it but they will know that every dollar they invest will be returned and will be returned with growth, then I am happy.

It is very rare that someone can start full time in Network Marketing and make a full time income straight away.

It is common though that everyone can develop a full time income from Network Marketing if they are prepared to follow a system and put in some honest work over time.

Invest in yourself and partner with a team of champions who are in this business for the long haul with a company that has been around for along time.

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