How many times have heard someone say it's not the right time...

How many times have heard someone say it's not the right time for me to start in business?

When is it not the right time to start earning a little bit of extra income each month?

I know an extra hundred or even an extra thousand a month or every other month was greatly welcomed when I first started working online.

There will never be a perfect time. Our lives are moving at a much faster pace than they we're a generation ago and I think that it is important that everyone who is remotely thinking about starting in Network Marketing starts now!

Last year I attended my company's Leadership cruise on the Mediterranean and I was impressed by the stability of the top performers. These we're men and woman who had decided over 15 years ago to start part time.

The result was a huge financially stable base that was now experiencing exponential growth. This can only come about from spending time in building your business.

It makes sense to start today, regardless of the obstacles you have in your way.

Choose the company wisely. Has it been around at least 10 years?

Does it have strong leadership and a healthy balance sheet?

Does it have plans to expand in the future?

Does it have a product that is unique and protected by patents?

Finally does it pass the grandmother test? If you've never heard that saying before,it means could you or would you, be happy to sell your grandmother the product and expose her to the company you are promoting.

After you have checked all those boxes then you need to get started. The real journey you will embark on will be one that will provide not only a financial benefit from weekly, monthly and annual sales but the development of yourself as you grow personally. The more you develop as a leader the more your sales will increase.

If you have identified with any of these points and would like to join a growing team committed to making a difference in peoples lives then join us as we grow a huge business over the next 10 years!

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